Gaspare De Vito’s music will take your mind to unexpected places. An introspective journey into oneself, where a deeper connection with our inner nature becomes possible. He has a unique approach to music, which is centered around research and improvisation. Coming from a background in jazz and contemporary music, he has transitioned to electronic music in early 2015.

Producer and composer, born in Napoli in 1978. He has always been fascinated by the freedom which marks both music practice and sound research. His own singular concept of instrumental and compositional research drove appreciations from critics and audiences alike, in particular for his original musical language.

Gaspare’s music is influenced by an enormous body of work. He draws inspiration from the music that mostly resonated with him, from the Neapolitan and Mediterranean roots of his childhood to the Hip-Hop of his early teens, going through Funk, Jazz all the way to Cuban, west and south African traditional music.

With his new solo project, Gaspare De Vito, explores minimal and melodic techno sounds, producing deep, progressive and absolutely original music. A set that combines electronics and live music in a unique mix full of energy.

As jazz performer he has worked with musicians such as Butch Morris, Alvin Curran, Mop Mop, Giancarlo Schiaffini, Francesco Bearzatti, Fabrizio Puglisi, Pasquale Mirra, Luisa Cottifogli, Maisha Grant and many more.

He has also played with numerous bands both as a leader or as session-man in Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Finland, England, Sweden and Estonia. Gaspare has performed at many international festivals such as Clusone Jazz Festival, Jazz In it, Sant’arcangelo Jazz Festival, Paradiso Jazz, Jazzy Jam, Cassero Jazz Festival, Dozza Jazz, Crossroads, Angelica Festival, Trentennale del Treno di Cage just to name few.

In 2007 he was voted among the best Italian saxophonists and in 2008 he came seventh in the annual referendum for best new talent organised by italian magazine “Musica Jazz”.

Discography and partecipations

2007 · 5 songs and 1 story
2008 · Antivatican coalition against the hippies resistance / Improvvisatore Involontario
2008 · Passing Notes
2009 · All brother from different mothers / Soulclash
2010 · Corre Voce / Luca Fattori
2010 · Vulkano / o8o8
2010 · L’amore è una curva / Giancarlo Schiaffini
2012 · Traveling Aimlessly / Daniele Principato
2012 · Schiaffini / Giancarlo Schiaffini
2012 · Con spaventata passione / Giancarlo Schiaffini
2015 · Deep / Gaspare De Vito & Federico Squassabia
2019 · Napolide / Gaspare De Vito & Francesca Esposito
2020 · Around the fire
2021 · Non eri te? / Daniele Principato
2021 · Ma’ Roots / Ma’ Roots
2021 · Planetarium / Daniele Principato
2021 · Actual proof
2022 · Nature will give all the answers
2023 · Downtempo session

I fell in love with techno

“My live set is an improvised performance which starts from sketches prepared in the studio. There is no arrangement and each sound is separated from the other so that it can be controlled and manipulated independently. They are sketches designed to be a starting point to build songs and improvise exploring different approaches to the material”